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Marine Dress Blues
Dress Blues

Marines, Corpsmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen who are putting their lives on the line for all of us right now. Some of them have already died.

What can I do to help, you must be asking yourself...

Here are some ideas:

Talk to your friends and co-workers. Find out if they know someone who is serving in the Mideast. If they are, get their address. Send them a thank-you card. Send them a letter letting them know you appreciate what they are doing, and the sacrifices they've made. Send them cookies. Send them toiletries, CDs, movies. Pray for them.

Make a contribution to the Marine Scholarship fund, which gives scholarships to sons and daughters of Marines and Corpsmen.

Send a care package to "Any Marine" through the Metro DC USO by visiting their website.

Make a contribution to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

Look around you in your neighborhood. Know someone who has a spouse, son, daughter, girlfriend, or boyfriend who's a Marine? Offer to help them in some way. Mow their lawn. Babysit their kids for an evening. Take their dog for a walk.

Make a contribution to the Marine Moms website.

Donate money or time to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society to help Marines and sailors and their families during hard times.

Respect and use the freedoms their service and lives have bought for us. Vote. Write your Congressperson, your Senator, your President. Tell them to increase the salary and benefits for those who serve. Share your opinions about world and national events.

Stand for the flag as it goes by. Fly your own flag.

Say thank you to the next veteran you see.

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